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5 Reasons To Take a Romantic Getaway In Wisconsin

February 20, 2014

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Are you trying to justify taking a romantic getaway in Wisconsin with your sweetheart?

One of the things we hear at Lazy Cloud, especially when guests are checking out, is how great it was to get away from it all for a couple of days.  With that thought in mind, we thought we would put together our list of reasons why every couple needs to schedule a romantic getaway:

1. It allows you to reconnect!  Life is busy, busy, busy; there are days that couples simply see each other only in passing.  A romantic getaway removes all the hustle and bustle of “real” life and lets you reconnect with each other.

2. It allows you to channel your “inner romantic”!  Many times when guests are staying with us, they take the romantic getaway up a notch or two, and will add flowers, or schedule a massage for their partner.  In other words, just the idea of a romantic getaway has you thinking of other ways to incorporate some romance into the weekend.  Maybe it will be a romantic picnic eaten by the fireplace, or perhaps it is a gourmet dinner eaten by candlelight in one of the many restaurants in the area….In other words, the idea of scheduling a romantic getaway, has you focused on romance, and once that thought formulates, you look for other ways to add romance to the weekend.

3.It lowers our inhibitions and makes us relaxed.  And because you are relaxed, you are more open to sharing what you think, feel, etc….

4. It breaks up the daily routine!  Too often we find ourselves doing the same thing, day in and day out.  A romantic getaway gives you the opportunity to get out of the daily routine of life.  Have breakfast in bed, (or stay in bed all day for that matter), go for a walk and not be pressed for time to race back home and start dinner.  A romantic getaway gives you the opportunity to leave the clock, the routines, and the schedules at home.

5. Great Sex!  If you have incorporated all 4 of the items above, then #5 should be a given!

Lazy Cloud offers premier Lake Geneva lodging for your romantic getaway. We cater to couples and our B & B and small hotel provide wonderful amenities with luxurious jacuzzis for two and fireplaces in every suite and room.

To get started on planning that romantic getaway in Wisconsin (only 90 minutes from Chicago and an hour from Milwaukee & Madison), give us a call today 262-275-3322!

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