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Should You Stay at a Bed and Breakfast In Lake Geneva?

Are you and your sweetheart planning a trip to Lake Geneva? If so, have determined where you would like to stay while on that trip? Although most travelers opt for vacation resorts or traditional hotels, you may want to examine your other options. One of those options involves staying at a bed and breakfast. Lake Geneva is home to a number of bed and breakfast inns, many of which may be the perfect fit for you and your significant other.

When it comes to bed and breakfast establishments, which are also referred to as inns, you may be wondering exactly what they are. If so, you are not alone; in fact, this question is one that is commonly asked. While there are numerous bed and breakfast definitions, you will find that the most common ones involve a traditional home. Bed and breakfast establishments, including those located in the Lake Geneva area, are usually located in someone’s home. That individual has decided to run a business, which in a way can be deemed a home based business. Although most bed and breakfast owners reside right at the establishment, not everyone does.

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Now that you know exactly what a bed and breakfast is, you may be wondering why it is your best option for overnight accommodations. Truthfully, it is hard to find anything anymore that is like a bed and breakfast. Lake Geneva is filled with numerous hotels, but they can be traditional and overcrowded. If you are looking for a home-like feel and privacy, you may want to book a stay at a bed and breakfast. Lake Geneva, as previously mentioned, is home to a number of well-known and popular bed and breakfast inns.

One of the reasons why bed and breakfast inns are considered private is because of their size. As previously mentioned, most bed and breakfast inns are traditional homes. This means that the rooms available for rent are limited. Although this may make it a little bit difficult to get a reservation, especially during peak travel times, it goes to show just how private a bed and breakfast can be. It is also important to note that most establishments provide their guests with a free breakfast, which is sometimes elegant in nature. In fact, that is one of the reasons why the word breakfast was incorporated in the name of bed and breakfast. Lake Geneva travelers may enjoy this free or discounted meal, which is not always offered by other establishments, including traditional hotels.

As it was mentioned above, bed and breakfast inns are increasing in popularity among travelers. That is why you are urged to make your vacation reservations ahead of time, especially if you have your heart staying at a particular bed and breakfast. Lake Geneva travelers, who make their reservations in advance, are more likely to have the trip of their dreams.

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Daniel December 17, 2010 at 10:29 am

great post, thanks for sharing

Phill C March 21, 2011 at 10:23 pm

What happened to Williams B and B, near downtown Lake Geneva. We were there in the ’90’s and became good friends with the owner and also wondered what became of him. His iniicials are W.W. He was polish I believe. Thanks for any help.

caroltiff April 27, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Hi Phil,

I am sorry I can’t help you. I know most of the B & B owners but I didn’t know him.


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