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Christmas Gift Ideas

October 26, 2013

in Bed & Breakfast,Romantic Getaway

Looking for great Christmas Gift Ideas??

Think quick……If I ask you what your Christmas present was last year, how quickly can you remember it?  What about the year before?  Or the year before that?  What about other special events…..do you remember what present you received for your 25th Birthday? Or here is a big one, the BIG 40….do you remember that Christmas present or birthday gift?

Can I confess I couldn’t remember those Christmas or Birthday presents if I had to…..BUT what I do remember are the experiences attached to them… For instance for my 25th Birthday I treated myself to a trip to the Bahamas….my first plane ride, my first solo vacation…can’t remember a blessed thing I received from anyone, but I do remember the trip I went on…..

The point of all of this is to say we remember experiences and not necessarily the gifts…..And when it comes to giving a truly incredible memory and experience, well then you need to give that someone special in your life, The Lazy Cloud Experience.  Ask anyone who has ever stayed at Lazy Cloud, and they will tell you that first and foremost Lazy Cloud is both an event and yes! Most definitely an experience.

To which I would add, it is an experience that is not easily forgotten because you form so many wonderful memories that become attached to that experience.  If I were to take a poll of every one who received  a gift certificate to Lazy Cloud, they will be able to tell you what event they rec’d it for, and when they redeemed it.

Gift someone with a Christmas present that is a gift certificate to Lazy Cloud and believe me, if I asked them next year “so what did you get for Christmas last year?” they wouldn’t need to think about what it was……

Speaking to the men now….. I know how hard we women can be to buy for…..Lord help you if you choose the wrong size article of clothing….If you choose it a size too small, are you saying we are fat, and should lose weight? If you choose it a size to big, are you saying we are fat? And should lose weight?  See what I mean??? You can’t win…..but give her a gift certificate to Lazy Cloud for a romantic weekend getaway and  you will be the man who loves her enough to want to get away and spend quality time with her…..talk about being her hero!

For the ladies….does your guy really need one more sports themed sweatshirt? Or one more tool? Really??? What about giving him a romantic weekend away…especially if this is something he wouldn’t normally plan….you plan it, give him the certificate and take him away (which really means you also get to take part in the gift).   This is definitely a win-win for both of you.

What about you Mom and Dad?  Do you have married kids who are juggling 19 things at the moment…between the kids, work, household chores, etc…do you sense they are a bit frazzled, but you know that their budget simply won’t allow any extra funds for a getaway……How perfect then is a gift certificate to Lazy Cloud.  You will give them a gift that will be needed, and oh so appreciated….throw in another gift certificate to watch the grandkids and I am sure a more treasured gift and experience could not be had.

I love rituals and traditions, just love them….even simple ones, like taking a walk after dinner on Thanksgiving…..Who knows, perhaps this year when you looking for Christmas gift ideas and you purchase a gift certificate to Lazy Cloud, you will be starting a tradition.  Then, long after the presents are opened, the wrappings tossed out, the tree put away, etc….you will  still have a gift certificate to redeem and even more importantly, an EXPERIENCE to look forward to.

Come join us and share in your own Lazy Cloud Experience……

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

Sarah Pieper December 22, 2011 at 11:27 pm

This place is awesome, we stayed at the B&B and it is beautiful and very relaxing! It is a definitely a place I can not wait to go back to!

caroltiff December 23, 2011 at 3:17 am

Thanks so much Sarah. We can’t wait to see you again!

Sharon November 20, 2012 at 3:04 am

I agree. Our first visit to Lazy Cloud happened when our daughter gave us a gift certificate for Christmas last year. We loved it! We went back again in October for our 29th Anniversary. We would love to come again. So relaxing! (Maybe for our 30th? ) I will have to hint around a bit but to tell you the truth when ever things get a little hectic, I just say Lazy Cloud and my husband smiles.

caroltiff January 8, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Keep that smile on your husband’s face!!! Hopefully, we’ll see you for your 30th!

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