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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

February 5, 2014

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A creative marriage proposal is what every girl wants!!

Three of the most popular wedding proposal days are behind us ( Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve) and the next one happens in just a couple of weeks.  If you are or know someone who is getting ready to pop the question, some of the information below may help you make a blah proposal into a WOW proposal.

A quick look at the site www.howtoproposemarriage.com, gave us some of the following ideas:

A creative marriage proposal does not exactly have to be big. It can be a simple or as grand as what you want it to be but ultimately what defines the best marriage proposal is the honesty, sincerity, and element of surprise that goes with it. Of course, a little bit of novelty is always appreciated for greater effect.

Make it spontaneous, fill it with energy, and make sure your girlfriend totally digs it for creativity that is worthy of that almighty resounding YES that will start your life together very nicely indeed.

You can be as creative as you want, just make sure you do not put the ring on something your girlfriend can lose like on a balloon, or on food because that is more dangerous than a creative marriage proposal!

Idea #1:

The first thing that you can try is baking. If your woman is into baking, this is a good thing. I know you might be scared of mixing flour with eggs but your girlfriend’s resounding “yes” and “the best proposal ever” are enough motivation for you to buy this idea. It shows effort and it will come as a complete surprise.

What you can do is invite your girlfriend to spend an afternoon and bake with you. She might wonder why you would suddenly want to bake but just tell her you want to make something special for her. She might think it is just a cake so you can imagine the surprise when you make a batch of fortune cookies for her and you insert the proposal inside one and hand it to her! Is this a very cool idea or what! You bet the stars will have a very wonderful future in store for you and your girlfriend.

Idea #2:

There’s this really cool “will you marry me” puzzle that you can buy on stores. Place it in a different box and ask her to help you solve it on a rainy week-end. Once you solve the puzzle, get down on one knee and propose to her. Isn’t that sweet?

Idea #3

Using technology, you can propose perfectly. Take a laptop and post a picture of you holding the sign “will you marry me” and make it her screen desktop. Have some  trail of roses to lead her in the laptop. Once she saw it, come out from her back and surprise her.

Idea #4

Make her a tray of desert to serve after a candle-light dinner. Place the ring on the center. Make sure you include all her favorite sweets. Pop the question when she sees the ring.

Idea #5

Have a carrier deliver numerous red balloons and one white balloon in her house. Ask her if she notice something inside the odd balloon. Have a teddy bear holding a card that says “will you marry me”. Now it’s your turn to show her the ring!

These are very simple proposal ideas for engagement that you can actually use to make her heart melt and fill the air with romance. Have a wonderful proposal ahead of you!

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