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Have You Found Your Mr. or Ms. Right? 5 Signs That This May Be The One

May 18, 2014

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Today is one of those gorgeous days in Southeastern Wisconsin….a day where the temps hover in the low 70’s, the sky is robin’s egg blue, the clouds are high, puffy and white.  In fact, it is just the perfect day to host a wedding!   And in about 90 minutes or so, that is just what we will be doing here at Lazy Cloud!  Can I share?  We love, love, love hosting weddings; we consider it both a privilege and an honor when couples choose to get married at Lazy Cloud.

For the couple that is getting married today, we know that they have found the “Right One”…..but what about you?

Are you dating someone right now and wondering if this is the One?  We did some research and came up with 5 signs that will help you know if you found your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

1. You share the same priorities.  Opposites may attract, but they rarely make for a good long-term relationship.  If one of you is a social butterfly and the other loves nothing more than staying home after work, chances are this may not be a relationship that is ready for a long term commitment.  Compatibility and shared priorities will be key to a long lasting relationship.

2. You respect each other. You don’t need to agree 100% on everything, but mutual respect for each other is key. When you respect each other it opens the door to communication and trust;  both of these are needed for a long lasting relationship.

3. Your family and friends approve. If all of your friends and family are behind your choice, chances are good they are seeing what you are seeing in this person.  On the flip side of this, if most of your family and friends are expressing concern for your choice, it may be time to give the relationship a second look, or slow things down.

4. You know how to make each other happy. When you find the “right” one, you know how to make each other happy.  You know their favorite foods or their favorite flowers,  even where they like their back rubbed.  Furthermore, each of you goes out of your way to do special things for each other.  When at the store, you remember that he loves a particular kind of candy and you pick it up for no reason other than to give it to him later that evening.  Or you know she loves tulips, and you see a vendor selling them, so you stop to buy a bunch, for no reason, other than because you know it will make her happy.  You find ways to make each other happy on a regular basis.

5. You handle disagreements well. Conflict and disagreements are part of a normal relationship, and how you handle them as a couple is vitally important to a lasting relationship.  Respectful and healthy conflict is good for your relationship, and will cause the relationship to grow stronger.  By the way,  healthy conflict does not mean you get to say mean or nasty things about each other; it means you focus on the issue that is causing a conflict and find a way to either compromise or resolve it.

Did you find that you could check most of the above off as a regular part of your relationship, chances are good that this is a relationship to give a lot of serious thought to, because you may have indeed found just the “Right One”.

However if you have your Mr. Right and he has already proposed and now you are looking for an intimate and romantic venue to host your small wedding , we would consider it an honor if you would give us a call at 262-275-3322 for more information on all of our wedding packages.

Lazy Cloud offers premier Lake Geneva lodging for couples looking for a romantic getaway.  We are one of the few Lake Geneva hotels with jacuzzi in room for two. Our bed and breakfast in Lake Geneva, WI provides wonderful amenities with whirlpools for two that have a view of the fireplace in every suite and room. Because we offer this, we are also a great place for honeymoon getaways.

Located in southeastern Wisconsin – only 90 minutes from Chicago and an hour from Milwaukee & Madison.

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