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How to Keep the Romance Alive – Part 3

October 26, 2013

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Today’s post has our last 5 tips for keeping the romance alive in your relationship on a day to day basis.   And anytime you need one more tip for keeping the romance alive, you know where to find us!

11. Remember what first sparked your love. Doing so helps you appreciate where you are now as a couple, Goldsmith said. If it’s possible, he suggested going back to the place you met and reliving your first date.

12. Give up a grudge. Resentment kills romance, Howes said. A grudge builds a wall between partners, he said. “Make forgiveness a regular part of the relationship by expressing how you feel, trying to understand what happened, asking for assurance it won’t happen again and then letting go by deciding not to hold the misdeed over your partner’s head,” he said.

13. Have a lazy weekend together. Pick a day to just do nothing with your partner, Goldsmith said. “Spend a day as human beings rather than human-doings.” These lazy days will feel revitalizing and bring you closer.

14. Do more things together. These don’t have to be grand gestures. Just going to bed and waking up together and eating together can go a long way, Goldsmith said.

15. Be intimate. “Intimacy is not negotiable in a healthy, long-term partnership,” Sumber said. “Touch is one of the most nurturing forces in the universe,” Goldsmith said. If you’re iffy on your partner touching you, it’s important to explore what’s going on and work on it, he said.

Communication also builds intimacy, according to Sumber. “Intimacy is all about connection, openness, and vulnerability, so fostering healthy, consistent communication is the bridge to regular intimacy,” Sumber said. This means hearing and listening to your partner and truly wanting to understand what they’re saying.

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