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Is A B&B Right For You (Part 2)

January 19, 2014

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We recently did a post on the the benefits of staying in a B&B.  We thought we would follow up with just one more blog post on this topic, to give you an idea of some questions and things to consider when choosing to stay at a B&B: (The information below was taken from The Independent Traveler )

Bed and breakfasts are a favorite options for many travelers, but they’re not right for everyone. You may want to consider a B&B if:

  • You prefer smaller, more intimate accommodations than a large hotel.
  • You appreciate rooms that are individually decorated, especially with antiques or period furniture.
  • You enjoy getting to know other travelers over a lavish communal breakfast.
  • You prefer charm over amenities, and don’t mind if your room doesn’t have Internet access or other modern conveniences. (Editor’s Note: More B&B’s are adding such modern amenities every day — so ask your innkeeper!)
  • You like staying in residential neighborhoods or quiet rural settings.
  • You’re looking for adults-only accommodations (many B&B’s do not accept children).
  • You enjoy the experience of a “home away from home” — including quirky touches like the innkeepers’ cat curled up in the corner of the living room.
  • You like having the personal attention and expertise of an innkeeper at your disposal.
  • You appreciate transparent pricing (many B&B’s list nightly rates on their Web sites).

    On the other hand, you may want to avoid B&B’s if:

  • You appreciate amenities like gyms, pools, room service and business centers.
  • You appreciate the privacy and anonymity of a big hotel.
  • You’d rather eat breakfast alone or with your travel companion than make small talk with a bunch of strangers.
  • You’re on a very tight budget (B&B’s tend to be a little bit more expensive than ultra-budget hotels and motels).
  • You’ll be checking in and out at weird times (very early or very late); unlike a large hotel, B&B’s tend not to have 24-hour front desk service.

    What Makes a Perfect B&B?

    Ask the Innkeeper
    Even if you decide to book your accommodations online, we recommend that you call the innkeeper at least one time before you go. Here are some topics you should consider discussing.

    While some B&B’s are sophisticated and somewhat costly, others are very simple and can be a real bargain. Ask what you can expect in the way of room accommodations.

    Most B&B’s have fairly strict check-in times. Find out what the policy is, so that you are not (as is often the case) barging into someone’s home after hours.

    Most inns have individual in-suite bathrooms for all the guests, some will require that you share a restroom with an adjacent suite and some offer just one bathroom for several rooms. Ask!

    omelet omelette breakfastContrary to what you may think, breakfast is not always included in the price of the room. It can also vary from a bagel and coffee to a sumptuous feast, and may be offered in the privacy of your room or in a public dining room. Also inquire when breakfast is served.

    Unfortunately for families who enjoy traveling together, you should not assume that an establishment will welcome children. Even if it does, find out if there is an age minimum.

    Does the bed and breakfast allow pets? If so, are there size and breed limitations?

    Ask if credit cards are accepted, and inquire about cancellation policies.

    Is there a restaurant on the premises?

    Is the B&B handicap-accessible? If it’s in a historic building, it may not be.

    Always ask about special promotional offers or coupons.

    If you smoke, you must inquire as to the B&B’s policy. You will find that a majority of them do not permit smoking of any kind. Some allow it outside or in designated public areas, but many will not allow it anywhere on the grounds.

    What kind of amenities are provided in your room? Some hotels offer free wireless Internet access, while others don’t even have a TV.

    If you have allergies or other dietary restrictions, be sure to let your innkeeper know ahead of time so he or she can accommodate you.

    To learn more about Lazy Cloud, a Lake Geneva B&B or to book your suite today, give us a call at 262-275-3322!

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