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National Lazy Moms Day September 5th, 2014

August 31, 2014

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Moms…..are you exhausted from keeping the kids entertained, engaged and busy this summer? Do you wish you could have a day to yourself after a long summer to just be, well….LAZY?????

Guess what? You can!  September 5th is National Lazy Moms Day!  It is a day for moms to  celebrate doing nothing, WITHOUT feeling guilty about it. In other words, a day to simply be Lazy!

Because we know that most moms would find it hard to actually come up with ways to just sit and be lazy, we thought we would share a few ideas with you that we came across while researching this special day.

Now we know that most moms will have to make an effort to relax but if your schedule allows, take advantage of a few of the ideas below:


  1. Grab that book you have been meaning to read all summer, find a comfy chair, make a cup of coffee (or tea) , sit back and get lost for a few hours in your book.
  2. Take a walk.  Put on some comfortable walking shoes and go for a nice long walk.  Don’t turn it into a cardio workout, simply get outside and revel in the sights, sounds and smells of nature.
  3. Watch or rent a movie that you have wanted to watch.  Whether it’s a chick-flick or action adventure, sit back, relax and get lost for a few hours in a good movie.
  4. Sip a glass of wine while listening to some favorite music, and do a bit of daydreaming.
  5. Call another mom and celebrate National Lazy Mom’s Day by going out to lunch.
  6. Have a romantic evening with your husband….(We know just the perfect place to get away to!)

There you have it moms.  Just a few thoughts on some ways to participate in National Lazy Moms Day……depending on your schedule, incorporate one, two or several of the ideas into your day.

However if you make plans to implement idea #6, why not make arrangements for the kids to spend the night with the grandparents or other friends; then give us a call at 262-275-3322 and book your romantic overnight getaway with us at Lazy Cloud. (Lazy Cloud, Lazy Day…..they sorta go together right??? )

Then, not only will you get to indulge in being lazy for the evening, so can your husband.   Ahhhh, laziness and luxury never felt so relaxing as you enjoy your  candle lit room, a bubble filled whirlpool for two, a blazing fireplace, a bottle of champagne and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you.

In the morning there will be no need to rush to get up because you are child free for the day. Sleep in until you are ready to get up, and then make your way to the breakfast buffet where you can either eat inside the dining room, out on the patio or  in your suite. After breakfast, you can stroll the grounds, relax in a hammock and continue reading your book or play some lawn chess.  Eventually you can make your way into Lake Geneva where you can shop, take a boat ride, have a meal, or go for a long walk.

Lazy Cloud offers premier Lake Geneva lodging for couples looking for romantic getaways in Wisconsin.  We are one of the few Lake Geneva hotels with jacuzzi in room for two. Our bed and breakfast in Lake Geneva, WI provides wonderful amenities with whirlpools for two that have a view of the fireplace in every suite and room. Because we offer this, we are a great place for honeymoon getaways.  We are located in southeastern Wisconsin – only 90 minutes from Chicago and an hour from Milwaukee & Madison.

I don’t know about you, but I am thinking that there is definitely something to National Lazy Moms Day!

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