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Yesterday we posted the first of 6 ideas to incorporate romance into the 12 days of Christmas….

today we are going to post the last six.  Again these ideas come from The Romantic Vineyard, and we love these ideas for adding romance to every day life – especially during this busy holiday season.

  1. On the seventh day of Christmas… Count your blessings by gazing into the Heaven. If the night is overcast, arrange glow-in-the-dark ones on the bedroom ceiling.
  2. On the eighth day of Christmas… Buy an 8 pack of crayons and together design and color a personalized coloring book of happy memories you have shared.
  3. On the ninth day of Christmas… Cats aren’t the only ones with 9 lives. Take out your scrapbooks, photo albums or home movies and spend the day soaking up the sweet memories of your past lives together (adolescent, teenager, dating, engaged, married, parent) and then began planning for the future ones (empty nest, grandparent, retirement).
  4. On the tenth day of Christmas… Massage your sweetheart’s aching shoulders for ten minutes. Throw in a back scratch, a foot massage and a hair brushing if you are feeling extra generous.
  5. On the eleventh day of Christmas… Bake him eleven of his favorite cookies (since most recipes make one dozen, these will be bigger than usual – he won’t complain). Stick a wooden skewer through the side of each cookie and then wrap the cookie in a colored plastic wrap. Place them in a box or vase as you would a dozen roses.
  6. On the twelfth day of Christmas..Present your sweetheart with a custom made twelve month calendar for the new year.  Use personal photographs or your own drawings to make it unique.  Highlight special days for the New Year.

Now of course, we think that a trip to Lazy Cloud should be on the list somewhere and once again we invite you to get creative and plan a stay with us, and incorporate ALL of these into your stay.

Give us a call today at 262-275-3322 and we will get started on making sure this is 12 days of Christmas that your sweetheart won’t soon forget.

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