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Romantic Surprise Birthday Getaway to Lazy Cloud Bed & Breakfast

December 19, 2013

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A friend recently celebrated a birthday and his wife surprised him with a romantic birthday getaway.

Location would be key of course when it came to lodging;  I would want to stay someplace that was private and romantic, so it goes without saying that I would be staying at Lazy Cloud.   Now as for the room I would want to stay in, as long as it had fireplace and a whirlpool, any room would do.

I would want to arrive just around the 4 p.m. check in. The Innkeeper would show us to our suite where I would see that I have flowers and candy waiting for me as well as the caramel apple pie that was chosen as our amenity.  (I am really loving this dream getaway so far!!!)  We quickly unpack our items and head outside to stroll the grounds because the weather is simply perfect.

After a nice walk on the grounds, we head to Williams Bay for dinner…now while there are a handful of  restaurants to choose from in the area, I think I would like to have dinner either at Cafe Calamari or Pier 290.  And of course after dinner, another  walk along the lakefront would be a great way to end the meal.  The only thing to make the evening stroll better would be if the sun was beginning to set over the water.

Once we have finished our walk, we would  head back to Lazy Cloud and waiting for me in the suite would be a Fireside Dessert that offers me a fresh pot of coffee and 2 slices of cheesecake.  Dessert would be eaten while sitting in front of the blazing fireplace.

Because I like meeting new people, the next morning we would eat breakfast in the dining room, where I would definitely eat my fair share of the homemade sticky buns.  After a filling breakfast, another walk on the grounds  would be nice, (after the fireside dessert and sticky buns, I would need the exercise)  maybe we could even play a quick game of chess with the lawn chess game.

From there, some shopping would definitely be in order!  So into Lake Geneva we would go, where I would visit a few of my favorite shops, Global Hands being one of those shops, and The Cornerstone Shop being another.    Eventually it would be lunch time and we would find a local place to eat lunch; in Lake Geneva there are so many great places to eat at, that the hardest thing would be choosing which restaurant to dine at.

After lunch, a boat ride would be just the thing to round out our day in Lake Geneva.  Lake Geneva Cruise Line has several tours to choose from, but I think for my surprise birthday getaway, I would choose the Full Lake Tour or the Blackpoint Mansion Tour.

Once we are back on land again, it would be time to head back to Lazy Cloud, where we would arrive just before the massage therapist got there for our massages.  Hey, it’s my dream birthday getaway and if I am dreaming, I am dreaming BIG!   As the massage therapist is packing to leave, there is a knock on the door and the Innkeeper is standing there with our Enchanted Evening Picnic for Two (The rib picnic of course…I told you this is my dream getaway!!!)

Before we know it, it is Sunday morning where we are once again having breakfast in the dining room and chatting with several of the other couples who are staying for the weekend.   After breakfast there is time for one last stroll on the grounds and another game of chess before we head back to the “real” world.

There you have it!!!  My dream Romantic Birthday Getaway to Lazy Cloud.

If this sounds like it could be your dream getaway, give us a call at 262-275-3322 and let us help you plan the perfect Romantic Birthday Getaway.

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