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Romantic Weekend Getaways and Romantic Hotels

December 18, 2013

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Romantic Weekend Getaways, Romantic Hotels, Adult Hotels, Romance packages…..

when you think of these places what thoughts comes to mind? Seclusion? Candlelit dinners by a fireplace? Jacuzzi tubs full of bubbles? A bottle of wine shared with your honey on your private patio? A stroll, hand in hand with the one you love, through gardens overflowing with flowers and foliage….How about sharing your hopes, dreams, visions of the future, while sitting next to each other in a gazebo outlined by twinkling lights?

What if you could find all of the above in one location? I did….and in this blog and future ones, I want to share that place with you…. Who am I? For now, why don’t you just call me Ms. Romantic….because that is pretty much who I am…and the very, very special place I want to share with you is called Lazy Cloud…Lazy Cloud is located just outside the hustle and bustle of Lake Geneva, WI.

In future blogs, I would like you to venture with me, behind the scenes of Lazy Cloud….You will learn firsthand about the Innkeepers who work there, we might even get a chance to speak with the owner…. you will glimpse the “personality” of each suite and learn why it is so special, and soon you will have your own favorite one you want to visit….you will also get an inside peek at some of the weddings that take place at Lazy Cloud, oh and let’s not forget the breakfast that is served at the B&B, we might even get them to share some recipes with us…..

In addition, I will share some of the local happenings in the area with you…Did you know that after the big Chicago fire in 1871, Lake Geneva became known as the Newport of the West….you will see why as you learn more about this charming lake town.

And what is a blog on a romantic Bed and Breakfast, without some ideas on romance? Stay tuned for those, ’cause we got plenty to share…..

My invitation to you is to bookmark this site, and return time and again….a couple of things will happen if you do ….the first thing is you will come to learn, just as I did, why Lazy Cloud is such a special place, because it is indeed a special place. You will always appreciate why so many people have made Lazy Cloud a destination in itself….Finally, you will meet some great new friends along the way….so that when you visit, (and you will want to come visit, I promise you that), you will feel like you know them all…..please join me on my journey…..
Until next time….
Ms. Romantic

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