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Spicing up Your Love Life on a Shoestring Budget!

October 21, 2013

in Bed & Breakfast,Dates

Ever have the occasion where you want to add a bit of romance to your relationship and take that special someone off to your favorite Lake Geneva Hotel for a romantic weekend getaway but the budget says “NO”?   Well…..don’t let that stop you!  With a bit of out of the box thinking, and a healthy dose of using your imagination as a form of currency, your love life will be back on track!

An article written by M.S. Beltran highlights how to do this….I have copied some of the date ideas and posted them below. You will see how easy it is to sweep someone off their feet, while keeping the budget intact.

Love & Lattes: Head over to a coffee house, order a couple of cups of java and scones, and bring a poetry book you’ve checked out of your local library. Curl up on a comfy sofa to discuss literature and recite some favorite verses aloud. Total cost for the evening: about $15.

Just For Sport: If the object of your affection is a die-hard sports fan, but the NFL or NBA is out of the question, consider getting tickets for a local high school game. Try your old alma matter, or a game in which you might know a child on the team. Bring a blanket for two if its an outdoor winter event, get cozy, and cheer a team on to victory. Cost, with concession snacks, under $20.

Class in a Glass: Look up a local winery; many have tours and tasting bars free to visitors (reservations usually required; check in advance). While you are there, pick up a favorite bottle you and your date have sampled (some excellent wines can be obtained for only $10 to $15 a bottle). Take it to a nearby park or beach with a blanket, a couple of dollar-store wine glasses, a radio, and a small assortment of cheese and crackers. Cost: around $20.

Good, Old-Fashioned Date: Do an Internet search for drive-in movie theaters; most states still have at least a couple in operation, and the experience is worth a bit of a drive. Admission usually runs equivalent to or less than regular movie tickets (two admissions– $6 to $16). Bring your own snacks– sandwiches, pre-microwaved popcorn, and a jug of iced tea. Wrap up the evening by bringing your date to an ice-cream parlor for a sweet treat ($6). Total cost: $15 to $22.

Reach For The Stars: Rent a telescope (around $30) and go out on a clear night to a park, beach, or some other romantic, open space for a bit of star gazing. Bring a thermos of hot coffee and some buttered bagels, a blanket, and a book on some constellations to seek. Even better, nix the telescope and plan the night around a meteor shower or lunar eclipse. Cost, with telescope: under $40.

Where Romance Blooms: Visit a local botanic garden (some can cost up to $6 or $7 per person, most cost less or are free). Walk hand in hand amid the picturesque paths laden with the heady scent of budding blooms. Bring a snack of fresh, seasonal fruit, and don’t forget some old bread to feed to the birds. Total cost: under $15.

Okay! Dinner And A Movie: You can’t let go of this old favorite, I understand. But how about this twist: Go together for a leisurely stroll through a farmer’s market for some fresh produce, a pastry shop for some sweet dessert, and choose a movie together at the video store (or library, to save a few extra bucks). Then go home, cook together, share your meal, and enjoy dessert over the movie of your choice. Total cost for dinner and a movie: under $20!

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