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Spring Break Getaways for Two

February 23, 2016

in Romantic Getaway

Do Spring Break Getaways conjure up frantic fun with few memories really worth reliving?

Do you cringe at the thought of doing it all over again? Do you imagine your kids on spring break getaways and wish they would go a different route? One thought that may not have occurred to you is to send them to Lake Geneva for wonderful Spring Break Getaways.

I was 21 the first time I went on Spring Break and I was 21 the last time I went on Spring Break. At the moment I was fun, at least to start. The first morning, however, what had seemed like a fun time was only a hazy memory and today the entire week is a foggy vision of what I don’t want to remember from so many years ago.

My kids are in college now, or one is still in college, one in medical school (with no time for spring break activities or anything else). My daughter on the other hand, was a junior and like any other about-to-turn-21 year old, itching for a break, a real break, away from mom and dad. So I spoke with my wife and we came up with a wonderful idea. A couple years ago we noticed Lake Geneva on the map when we were looking for a place to go for our vacation. It was fall and we had no idea what we wanted to do other than get away. I made a few calls and stumbled upon a bed and breakfast called Lazy Cloud.

A few minutes is all it took to reserve the suite and an hour and a half after we left home we were lying back on the bed staring at the ceiling feeling totally relaxed. We spent the first night just enjoying each other with a dinner basket in our room. The next day I indulged her in one of her favorite activities, shopping. Talking to the staff and the owner, Carol Tiffany, I found out they also offer great packages on Spring Break Getaways.

Just to test the waters, to see if it was the same awesome place, my wife and I came back the following spring. I couldn’t help but think about what little I recall of Spring Break Getaways so many years ago and, although I had been to Lake Geneva and the Lazy Cloud in the past, I still was a bit concerned what it could turn into. At my age I was not looking forward to the antics of barely-beyond-teenagers in the same facility.

Our stay in the fall had been wonderfully relaxing and so very romantic. Is it possible the spring would be the same, or would I have to bang on the walls to get the neighbors to quiet down so we could sleep? Well it wasn’t long before those questions were answered, and probably a few more. For one thing, we wondered how beautiful the area was in spring if the fall had been as nice as it was. We chose the Log Cabin Suite with the Romantic Sensations Sweetheart Special package. It was a weekend leaving little to want for convinced me to come back often.

Now my daughter and her new husband are in their third year of college and both really want to get away. Naturally, like so many others their age, the first thing they talked about is jutting off to a spring break hot spot south of the border. She says they just want to be away from everything, let her hair down, not see her friends or worry about school. I, being the older and wiser dad I am, offered an opinion (as I always do). I suggested she and Tommy go someplace different. I told her I know of a place that has superb accommodations for Spring Break Getaways that is not too far away, and her mom and I would help pay for her stay.

I told her all about Lake Geneva and that her mother and I had stayed a couple times and will go back again and again. I showed her reviews other guests had written about how wonderful the Lazy Cloud had been and about how much fun they’d had at Lake Geneva. We showed her the pictures we’d taken and the ones online. While it was not my decision, I really wanted her to choose the lake for spring break. The time they would lose flying and the cost and hassle of traveling outside the country anymore were just not worth it for a short stay like that, besides, I was offering to pay so she should consider my thoughts as equally important right? (That’s just the dad in me).

Spring Break Getaways close to home but far enough away to escape were rare I told her. I pointed out she would not see anyone she knew from school, that much was almost assured since most were going south. Relaxation is the middle name of Lazy Cloud Inn. I would even spring for a romantic package I offered. I really wanted my little girl to stay as far away from that other venue as she could be for her youth. I just didn’t want my baby to get into trouble or have a bad time.

With a grudging approval, my little girl let me set her up at the lake. We got online and explored the options. She was certain this would be a place with nothing but a bunch of people she might think of as “parent” types, people my age. She was careful not to use the term “old” (ha ha). She really liked so many of the lodging options for spring break getaways, and she finalized her choice between a bed and breakfast and the resort with the indoor water-park.

Spring break getaways featuring whirlpools for 2 & fireplaces! Enjoy spring break getaways with someone you love!

I urged her to go with the bed and breakfast. I have stayed there and knew she would enjoy it so much more than the water-park resort. I assumed that place would attract a lot of the same crowd found down south or a lot of children.  While there is nothing wrong with a family vacation, children included (we did our share) there is something to be said about Spring Break getaways just for the two of you I told her.

She chose the Lazy Cloud, taking my word for it that they would have a wonderful time. Her husband was thrilled; he especially needed a break from his studies. When Spring Break came, off they drove and in a couple hours she called to say they had made it safely. A week later she was thanking me for a wonderful week. She would love to go again and would always recommend it to her friends.

Lake Geneva offered the one of the best Spring Break Getaways she could have imagined. 

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