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Looking for Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas?

January 25, 2016

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It is this time of year we begin to ponder Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas to try to outdo last year’s performance.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are behind us and the New Year is in its infancy so we set our sights today on the next big thing. The stores are all ready for us to make it the best one yet with all their displays of red and pink candy, balloons and gifts. It is up to you now to think of an idea to make this a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Thumbing through the internet a year ago I came up with a wonderful thought. Why not get away for the weekend? This year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday which makes it pretty much a perfect day. I had been trying to think of something I could do to make my wife overjoyed and fall in love all over again. It is something I do frequently because I love the attention and because she enjoys when I try.

I skimmed through all the store sites where you can buy anything from A to Z but nothing jumped out at me. Certainly I planned to buy roses and candy but there had to be more. I thought a traditional gift or chocolates were not really on the agenda, too cliché. I needed something more romantic, something more special. Then it hit me, I had seen commercials advertising resort stays ate really affordable rates so I figured we could do something like that, a surprise, something altogether different than we are used to doing.

I planned it all out; down to the flavor of juice she would have for breakfast (that part is easy, she only drinks orange juice). I packed our bags when she was out of the house. Since she works part time and often opposite times than I work, I was able to do it discreetly fairly easily. I took just enough to make it through the weekend.  My Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas were beginning to take shape.

I had both bags hidden in the back of the truck until she got off work Friday afternoon. When she got home she was tired so I told her we would go out to eat. She had no idea what was happening, usually we may go out to eat and I may have roses delivered to the table, something along those lines and she always loved the roses. This time would be different. Once we began our short road trip I told her to just relax for a bit, I said we were going to eat in a neighboring town so it would take a few minutes to get there so she should just relax for now.

In only a few minutes she’d dozed off to sleep which made driving there easier of course, she wouldn’t be asking where we were going. I drove into the setting darkness as she napped in the passenger’s seat. Soon we had arrived and the reduction in speed woke her. So with the sleepiness still gripping her she asked if we are there yet and how long she’d been asleep then looked at the clock to see it had gotten much later than she expected. Then she realized we were not at a restaurant and were still driving so naturally she asked where we were going. I told her it was a surprise though inside I was bursting at the seams. I had researched Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas and come up with a wonderful plan.

In only a few more minutes we pulled into the drive of the most gorgeous Bed and Breakfast Inn I could find. This weekend was going to be the best Valentine’s Day she’d ever experienced. I was going to make absolutely sure of that. I had reserved the Enchanted Tree House Suite and the Romantic Escape Package.  That package comes with a one hour massage for each person and that was wonderful. She loves chocolate but not so much champagne but she will have a glass now and then. I just wanted to give my wife all the amenities I could. I wanted her to fall in love with me all over again. The Tree House Suite felt very secluded and private sitting among the trees the way it does.

Our room was much nicer than I expected from the online photos. The in room whirlpool tub for two and fireplace were perfect touches. As promised we had chocolates waiting for us in the room, and the roses that came with the package were perfect. If I could think of Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas myself I would put the Lazy Cloud in Lake Geneva at the top of my list.

Make sure your Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas include spending a romantic night in the Enchanted Treehouse Suite with your sweetheart!Make sure your Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas include spending a romantic night in the Enchanted Treehouse Suite with your sweetheart!

Once we settled into our room we put on the soft robes and sat on the love seat to share a glass of champagne, the magic was setting in; my wife of eleven years was falling in love again. We ran a bath in the hot tub. That water felt so incredibly relaxing with bubbles adding to the ambience and the fire made the night as perfect as possible.  After we had spent nearly half the night in the tub we dried off to sit by the fire and just adore each other for a while.

In the morning we had our breakfast in bed and sat there for what seemed like an eternity just taking in all the comfort of this room, the bed and the fire. We had plans for the day, though she did not know it yet. I had made plans for the entire weekend, including some absolute alone time in our suite.  First we would go to some of the local shops and maybe grab a quick bite to eat, and then we were heading to some outdoor fun on the nearby slopes. After a day on the hills we would head back to our room and have a picnic basket dinner provided by the Lazy Cloud as part of our package.

When we got to our room, the fire didn’t take long to make it nice and cozy. The food was excellent and we were both exhausted after a long day. Sledding was a blast but it takes the energy out of a person. Looking back on that weekend and the eleven years of vacations and getaways, I can’t recall one more romantic.

Your Valentine Romantic Getaways Ideas, whatever your plans, cannot be complete without a Lake Geneva Getaway.

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