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Not Your Typical Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples

January 25, 2016

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Are you searching for Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples that is slightly off the grid but still connected?

Maybe this is your first Valentine’s Day together and you really want to make a good impression. Or, is it your twenty-fifth Valentine’s Day together and you want to show her she is still the love of your life. Either way, come explore with me all that Lake Geneva, WI has to offer.

From the most modest accommodations to the most luxurious resorts around, the lake has it all. If your taste leans to a modern, all inclusive family stay or more of an away from the grid (but not entirely off) homey feeling bed and breakfast, you can find a place to satisfy those wants at Lake Geneva.

After tackling the short drive from Milwaukee or Chicago you enter the small cottage town with a population of only 7,700. With the city in your rear view mirror you can really start to relax and enjoy what will likely be the most romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples you ever dreamt possible. You will forget you are even in a modern US town when you realize there are only about five traffic lights on Main Street. What better place for Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples than a town with so much character while still maintaining the quality we expect in our recreation experiences.

Driving into town you will  come across the unique shops and one of a kind restaurants. Once you arrive at your chosen lodging destination that is where the romance begins and all the pleasantries of our daily lives fade into a memory. Leave behind all those cares and concerns about work. Forget about the traffic in the city and don’t give another thought to who is going to do the dishes. It is Valentine’s Day so kick off your dancing shoes (after a night on the town) and enjoy the whirlpool tub for two and fireplace in your room at Lazy Cloud Inn.

That once a year occasion is knocking at the door, like opportunity.  Will you answer it or remain silent and let the chance to sweep her off her feet slip away into the night? Now is the chance to really show her how you feel. Call ahead, get reservations at Lazy Cloud or any of the dozen or so other facilities and have roses and chocolates waiting in your suite.

Now that you have arrived, checked in, and checked out your suite, sit back and let the magic happen. Sip some wine in front of the fireplace, look into her eyes and tell her, all over again, how much you love her. Make this trip worthwhile; make her want to come back again and again. Make this a Valentine’s Day she will want to write home about.

One really nice fact about Lazy Cloud Inn, if that is where you choose to stay, is it is nestled half way between Lake Como and Lake Geneva. While it is not on the water front, it is far enough away as to avoid some of the crowds but close enough to make it a quick trip to the water.  So after you have had fun out on the town or exploring the lake, come back to your suite and enjoy the privacy and solitude of your whirlpool tub and a cozy fire. Play the romantic adult themed board game in your room with your partner to set an even more romantic scene for the evening.

The possibilities are endless when you experience Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples at Lake Geneva. If you want a more upscale stay, less homey, there are a number of resort style hotels but remember, most are family friendly so visiting these may not be as romantic as others.

After only one night in town it becomes clear, you should have done this long ago. How has this wonderful escape eluded you for so long? You resolve this will be the place the two of you run away to every Valentine’s Day.  And every time you just want a romantic weekend away from the bustle of the city.

Romantic Suite for Valentine's Day Getaways for CouplesThe Perfect Place for Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples

In your mind’s eye you see the beauty of Lake Geneva but you can’t help but wonder what is she thinking.  Does she like it? Is she having as enjoyable a time as you are? Surely if she wasn’t she would show some indication. You assume she is having a wonderful weekend and move on with your plans. After all, it isn’t every day you sweep her off her feet, again. As the evening slips under the cover of night, she whispers in your ear she loves you. Now you know for sure, this Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples was the best choice. She hasn’t whispered in your ear like that in years.

When you are ready for breakfast, the Lazy Cloud offers a continental breakfast waiting for you in your refrigerator. After a light breakfast maybe a quick dip in that wonderful tub again before taking in downtown Lake Geneva with some window shopping.

What’s stopping you? Start planning your Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples today.  It is only a month away and when the entire town is booked solid, if you don’t get to it, you will be left with the mundane, status quo of dinner and a movie then back to the same house and the same television and the same bedroom. Make the romance new this time.  Make it a renewal of your love, and make it a memory and a new beginning. We all know the need to start over.  Now is the chance to do it right, same beautiful woman, same you, different venue, different trees.

Look it up.  One short, 90 minute drive, and you are there.  In the midst of small town wonderment and among friends and a new or renewed love. Stay at the Lazy Cloud for an absolutely more assured romantic weekend; bathing suits optional in your private suite.

Romance is the name of the game and Valentine’s Day Getaways for Couples at Lake Geneva is the only way to win.

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