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Valentines Day Getaways – Only One Place That’s Perfect!

January 25, 2016

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Valentines Day Getaways only come around once a year so make it count while you can.

Including Anniversaries and special celebrations of love, there may be no better time of year to take your darling somewhere special. This is a day we celebrate our love with no strings attached, so to speak. I will visit with Stephanie; she went on a Valentine’s Day Getaway within the last couple years and would like to share her experience.

Speaking with Stephanie, her eyes began to gloss over as she recalled the weekend her husband had swept her off her feet, again. She points out she is not a little, love struck teenager, she is a grown, mature woman so sweeping her off her feet, especially by her husband of thirty years, is no easy chore.

Certainly, he has always been a loving husband and father. He has always shown how much he cares and how much he loves her and the children (now grown). Usually Bill’s idea of Valentine’s Day is BBQ and falling asleep in front of the television. Over the span of so many years she’d kind of grown accustomed to just that so when all her friends at work were getting flowers and candy the last few days before Valentine’s Day, she paid it no attention. She figured it would be the same ole drill, meatloaf and a nap.

Meanwhile Ben had a different plan. Without a peep to anyone, Ben had decided Valentines Day getaways were a treat Stephanie and he deserved (her even more so since she put up with him). Deep down he supposed he’d wanted to do something like this for years but circumstances got in the way; they did have three children living at home for twenty plus years. He was going to make up for lost time now.

Stephanie had resigned herself to her life of mediocrity, and while it wasn’t glamorous by any stretch of the imagination and she still worked to help pay the bills, life wasn’t all bad. She would spend hours day dreaming; hoping one day Ben would rediscover romance, the romance he’d known as a younger man. It wasn’t that she didn’t love him deeply, or respect him or admire him. Ben was a wonderful man. He had always been an excellent father and dad, he went far beyond she could have imagined in providing for their just over 2.5 kids, family. Yes, Stephanie loved Ben, what was not to love after all.

Ben had told her they were going on a “date” he called it with “air quotes” so she rushed home from work eager for date night. They hadn’t done this in years so she was so excited. He refused to reveal his secret, just kept saying it’s a secret. So knowing how much he loved surprises, she kept poking him verbally about the surprise but not really riding him hard. She knew he would tell her in time, she also knew it would be a well kept secret, worth the wait, and not worth calling the kids over because they wouldn’t know any more than she knew.

As she drove home she had all the possible fantasies float through her mind. Was he planning to just vanish from the face of the earth, like that old story about a guy who went out for milk and never came home? Maybe he had some bad news he wanted to share and this was the most sinister way he could think to do it? Could he possibly have just gotten sidetracked, he was known for going off the deep end now and then. Stephanie was at once both excited and nervous (state she often worked herself into when she was unsure). But in the end, she knew her husband and she knew his surprise would be nothing less than spectacular.

At home she found Ben had already packed a couple of overnight bags and was just waiting for her to be ready. She had to at least shower so he waited patiently. Ben was about to burst from excitement and the stress of keeping his secret. He had heard Valentines Day Getaways were like aphrodisiacs, love potions that would most assuredly rekindle the spark that’d so long burnt out. Now he intended to find out, he intended to rekindle that flame. Ben did his research, which is what he did best. He was not an exciting man, he was unimposing in every way but he was an excellent researcher.

Ben looked into a couple of full blown resorts, they very so very nice but seemed to lack the romance he sought. He considered simply a hotel away from town but that just seemed like a nuisance and more like a dental visit than a romantic weekend away with the love of his life. Ben chose a bed and breakfast, The Lazy Cloud Inn, in Lake Geneva, less than a 2 hour drive from home. They would be in their suite before dinner time.

With all the choices laid on the table in front of Ben, he found the Lazy Cloud was the only one offering the same (pretty much) amenities and all the rest plus a feeling of being at home. Nothing would make Stephanie more relaxed than feeling as though she had never left home but was still bathing in luxury at the same time. Ben ordered the best weekend package they offered knowing without a doubt this would kick start the flame for their Valentine’s Day Getaways.

He’d had it all planned out. Drive out to Lake Geneva, sign into their room, talk a short walk out to the lake, have a light dinner then head back to the inn for a night of romance. He wondered if the chocolates and champagne would be in the room waiting when they arrived or if he could have them delivered while they were out to dinner. He figured he could ask that question when they got there.

The drive was not too long and they did enjoy each other’s company so it was not altogether a bad Valentine’s Day Getaways start. When they pulled into the driveway it was like arriving at home, or at worst, a neighbor’s. They both were immediately settled and comfortable although Stephanie was not sure, as yet, what her husband was planning.

Brandner Suite is wonderful for Valentine's Day GetawaysCheck out Lazy Cloud for a Valentine’s Day Getaways – Brandner Suite

Once settled in their suite and as soon as Stephanie saw the Jacuzzi tub she determined dinner would be delivered and there would be no leaving the room, at least for the night. She was in love with her husband, again.

Now, having spoken directly to a participant, there seems no question the best place for Valentines Day getaways is Lake Geneva, WI and the Lazy Cloud Inn.

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