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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

February 4, 2015

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I am sure a lot of men are in a panic wondering what to get the woman in their life.

Does she want flowers, jewelry, chocolate?  The answer is YES, we want it all!!!  But ladies, what about us?  Have we put as much special thought into what we are giving to our guys this year?

I think for many women, we think that most men don’t really care about getting a Valentine’s Day gift. So we head out and pick up any old card without really putting thought into it.  But in reality, what we found out, is that men also would like to be recognized and made to feel special on this day.

So with that in mind, we did a little research and found a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas you could get your guy.  If you don’t have deep pockets this year, that’s OK;  because with a little creative thinking on the ideas we have listed below, you won’t  need to spend a lot of dough!

1. Bake him something…That’s right bake him something.  It doesn’t get a lot easier than that!  Bake a cake, bake some cookies, bake some brownies, just bake something!  Wrap it up in a pretty red container, and Voila’ you have a great gift that will make him feel special.

2. If the budget allows, get  him tickets to an event he likes.  Sports, concerts, theater…..find out who he wants to see or what sports event he would like to attend and then get him tickets to that event.

3. Most guys love techy or electronic items.  If you know of a new electronic or tech item he has been wanting, and if the budget can handle it, make that his Valentine’s day gift.

4. Candy…..another one of those gifts that is almost too easy, right?  If he has a sweet tooth, either buy some boxed chocolates, or get a bit more creative and put together a gift bag with several kinds of chocolate inside.   The idea with this gift, is to not just buy any ole box of chocolates, but to get him chocolates he likes and then package them up in a pretty way.

5.  Does he have a favorite hobby? Is he a reader? Does he love to do crossword puzzles, build model cars?  If, in fact, he has a hobby,  get him a gift that acknowledges that passion.  For instance, if he loves to read, pick up the latest book from his favorite author!    Crossword aficionado?  Purchase a couple of crossword puzzle books, a new pen or mechanical pencil, and even a crossword puzzle dictionary and you have the makings of a great gift.


See, all easy peasy lemon squeezy ideas!  BUT, you only have a couple of days left to plan, purchase and wrap these gifts.  If time won’t allow you to put together a thoughtful gift, then Lazy Cloud has your back.   We have Gift Certificates!  Call and order one of them;  no need to worry about getting it in time for Valentine’s Day, because we can email it directly to you.

We can put together any type of package you wish. If you would like to choose a specific suite to match the recipient’s personality, you may specify which suite you would like, but don’t worry about choosing the wrong one. All of our gift certificates have a cash value that may be applied toward any of our rooms or suites at Lazy Cloud Bed and Breakfast or Lazy Cloud Inn.   Talk about the ultimate “make your guy feel special this Valentine’s Day” present!!

Give us a call today at 262-275-3322 and make Valentine’s Day gift for 2015, a Valentine’s Day he will always remember.

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Fredric Amoriello January 30, 2015 at 8:36 pm

Each year on February 14th many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” To shows your love on the most lovely day of the year, you definitely need something unique, something lovely, something that exhibit your feelings. So for all your needs, I have written this beautiful article to give you a Happy Valentine’s Day 2015!

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