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Wisconsin Inn

December 30, 2013

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What Is a Wisconsin Inn?

Are you planning on taking a trip to Wisconsin in the near future? If so, you may have already started examining your options, especially when it comes to your overnight accommodations. In your search for a place to stay overnight, you may have come across establishments known as Wisconsin inns. Although they sound nice, do you know exactly what they are? When it comes to the word inn, there is sometimes some confusion. Before making your travel arrangements, you are urged to familiarize yourself with Wisconsin inns, namely what they are.

A Wisconsin inn is most commonly described as an establishment in the state of Wisconsin that offers the public a place to stay, eat, and drink. In fact, to technically be considered an inn, all of the three previously mentioned services must be offered. So, if you decide to stay at a Wisconsin inn, you should be able to rent a room overnight, eat at on site restaurant or even have a few drinks at an on site bar. What you are able to do at an inn will all depend on the particular Wisconsin inn you choose to stay at.

So, Wisconsin inns are establishments where you can eat, sleep, and drink, but aren’t most overnight establishments like that? If that is what you are wondering, you are not alone. This is where some of the confusion comes in. In many cases, you will find that an inn closely resembles a bed and breakfast. In fact, it is not uncommon for a bed and breakfast establishment to be referred to as a bed and breakfast inn. This connection is made because of the similarities. A Wisconsin bed and breakfast offers you a place to stay and there is almost always an on site kitchen or restaurant, just like a traditional Wisconsin inn. In fact, most bed and breakfast inns serve their guests a free breakfast.

In addition to being used to describe a bed and breakfast, a Wisconsin inn can also be used to describe certain types of hotels. It is important to emphasize on the word certain. Even if you have only done a small amount of traveling, you likely already know that not all hotels are the same. There are some hotels that have multiple on site services and facilities, but others have nothing. To also be considered a Wisconsin inn, a Wisconsin hotel must offer guests a place to stay and a place to enjoy a few drinks or eat a meal. Otherwise, they are just considered a traditional hotel or even a motel.

Now that you know exactly what a Wisconsin inn is, you may want to stay in one while on your next trip to Wisconsin. If that is the case, you are in luck!

There are a number of Wisconsin inns, located all around the state, for you to choose from.

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