What made you decide to purchase a bed and breakfast? This is a question that I hear so often. Well...I was looking for a business in the Lake Geneva area because it is my favorite place in the world! I have been spending summers here for over 50 years, and I hope to retire here someday. My connection runs generations deep.
My grandfather graduated from George Williams College in 1917 and then came to work at GW College Camp in Williams Bay, WI (today the Aurora University campus). After he returned from WWI, he again worked at College Camp but soon after, married and started teaching and coaching in the Chicago area. 
In 1944 the family, which now included my father and his brother, started living and working at College Camp in the summers. My grandparents ran the College Camp golf course through 1955, with the family living above the clubhouse. Both my father and uncle not only worked at camp, which in those days was staffed by college students from all over the US, but BOTH met their wives there. 
My grandparents retired to Lake Geneva in 1957 and their home more recently has served as my parents retirement home. Since childhood, I have spent untold happy hours in Lake Geneva, as have my siblings, our children and cousins. 
Andy and I purchased the two hotels in 2017.  Starting our 7th year now and we hope you enjoy the uniqueness of each property.  We thank you for your continued support! We only hope you love the area as much as we do! How can we make the Lazy Cloud experience even better for you? Send us your comments or suggestions. Sincerely, Sara