Here are a variety of frequently asked questions for booking your wedding and the answers:

Must the wedding be scheduled only at the Bed and Breakfast?

Yes - at this location, we have three beautiful acres of gardens but can easily access the lodge if the weather becomes inclement.  Our Inn does not have any area where the wedding can be held indoors.

Must we rent a suite in order to have our wedding ceremony performed at the Lazy Cloud?

Yes, it is as a guest of the Lazy Cloud that we offer you the opportunity to have your wedding in our English Gardens or the Lodge. Your guests, however, are not required to rent a suite.

Must we stay at the Bed and Breakfast, or may we stay at the Inn?

We have found that most brides enjoy the convenience of being close to the ceremony’s location which is at the Bed and Breakfast.  An early check in of 12:30 allows the bride to go directly from her suite to the gardens or to the Lodge for the ceremony.   Also, our Inn does not provide a breakfast in bed.  With this in mind, you may stay at the Inn if you wish to forego the breakfast in bed!

Are children allowed?

Of course we allow children at the ceremony; however, we do not allow children to stay overnight at the hotel unless the wedding party has reserved all of the rooms at the Bed and Breakfast. 

Whom do we contact for the license?

That information is available by calling the Walworth County Clerk’s office at 262-741-4241 or going to their web site at:, Click on "Departments", then "County Clerk" then "Marriage License" 

Must the ceremony be scheduled to begin between 1 and 1:30?

Yes.  We have found the bride, groom and their wedding guests will be afforded a greater degree of privacy during the early afternoon hours for their ceremony and reception. If the ceremony is planned early in the afternoon, you will have plenty of time for pictures, toasting, and cake!!  Our guests that are staying at the B & B will start to arrive at 4 pm.

Do you have a restaurant where we can have a wedding dinner?

Unfortunately, we don't have a restaurant; however, we do have our Forever Yours Wedding Package that includes a variety of delicious hors d´oeuvres.  If you would like a sit down dinner, there are many fine restaurants in the Lake Geneva area and we will be happy to supply you with a list of our favorites!

May we bring in our own food and beverages?

We are sorry, but our Our State of Wisconsin Food and Beverage License requires that we are the sole providers of all food and beverages.

What do you require for a deposit?

The cost of your first night suite must be paid when you make your reservation. A $200.00 deposit must be made when you reserve your wedding date. Your balance due must be paid 30 days prior to your wedding date.

What is the cancellation policy?

Our normal cancellation policy applies to your room. If you cancel your wedding more than 30 days prior to your wedding date, there is a $50.00 cancellation fee in addition to the cancellation fee of your room. Weddings that are canceled 15-30 days prior to the wedding date lose 50% of their deposit. Weddings that are canceled with a 14 day or less notice must be paid in full.

If you have any other questions about booking your wedding, please call us at 262-275-3322.