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My husband and I love lazy cloud and have been back many times though the years.(Although it has been a few years) The hospitality and food is second to none. And we have loved the unique romantic (mabey old fashion) decor of the rooms we have stayed in. My heart just sank looking at pictures of the newly renovated rooms we so dearly loved. Tiffany gardens and the gazebo room had such a unique storybook garden feel with the brightly colored murals and vines and canopy beds. Just looks stagnant now. There were enough other room that were rustic that wood didn't have to be incorporated in to all the rooms. I'm thinking it has lost some of the appeal we so dearly loved
Date of Posting: 21 February 2020
Posted By: Angela
This was one of the most romantic places I've ever been. My husband and I came Sunday 7/28/19 to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We checked out on Tuesday 7/30/2019. We stayed in the enchanted treehouse, which was so cute and romantic. I enjoyed finding the little notes around the room from previous guest, and sharing our experience for the next to come. The food was great and with the staff. We were glad we got a chance to do a tour of the other rooms. We will definitely be back, and looking forward to staying in one of the other rooms to make extra memories. Be careful of the bubbles in the just a little will do. Happy times from Mr. Zachary & Mrs. Shokkia Smith
Date of Posting: 31 July 2019
Posted By: Shokkia Harrison-Smith
We keep coming back.... We discovered Lazy Cloud from a facebook ad in the summer of 2017. Since then we have stayed here 9 times. We try to get away whenever we can, it's just nice to be able to take a break from kids and work and reconnect with each other even if only for one night. We have stayed at both locations and like each of them but prefer the breakfast buffet at the Fontana location. They even bring it to your room if it is a slower time for them with not so many rooms reserved. We plan on working on way through staying in every room they have. So far we have stayed in The Hayloft, Stone Grotto, Shoreline, Rendevous, Blue Moon, Brookside, Paul Newman, Vintage Lace and the Treehouse. The Hayloft was the first room we stayed in and immediately won my husband over and he said we'll come back whenever we can find the time and whenever you want. My favorites are the four rooms at the Lake Geneva location that are in a semi secluded area away from the office. We have yet to stay in the Mossy Glen in that area but the others are fabulous. The Rendevous is my all time personal favorite just due to my love for French/Paris themes and the fountain in the courtyard area.
We also have been here in blazing heat and freezing cold as well as blizzard like conditions. Our air conditioner in one room was not working well and the next time we stayed we were comped with some free snacks for our troubles. It's the little things like that which we love. I think the Cloud 9 program is awesome and a great way to keep customers. Hat's off to Lazy Cloud staff for renovating some rooms recently and your outstanding customer service and making people feel welcome!
Shannon and Barry
Date of Posting: 01 July 2019
Posted By: Shannon and Barry
My boyfriend and I fell head over heals in love with the Lazy Cloud. We celebrated our first year together and my 22nd Birthday in the Starry Night Suite at the Inn. It was enchanting, warm and cozy. If you’re looking for a place to relax and spend time with your significant other this is the place to go... I can’t wait to come back in July!
Date of Posting: 19 June 2019
Posted By: Ashley and James
Lazy cloud has brought memories for us forever. I had my first stay there at the gazebo suite where I had beautiful flowers waiting and champagne I was proposed to for marriage that night I said yes .The next visit was the treehouse for our honeymoon it was so beautiful .One year later we made a stay at the lodge for our one year anniversary we've decided to come back every year to celebrate because lazy cloud started our memories of our love for each other forever thank you
Date of Posting: 19 June 2019
Posted By: Dawn Gosda
My Happy Place
We had been looking at the Lazy Cloud for awhile, and my only regret is I wish we had gone sooner. We had such an incredible time! When you open the door to your suite you feel like you’ve entered your own little world. You feel luxury and at the same time that homey feel. You can’t beat the relaxation when you’re in the hot tub with the fireplace burning next to you. We can’t wait for our next trip to the Lazy Cloud!!
Date of Posting: 02 June 2019
Posted By: Corianne
Waukesha, WI
First timers. Thoroughly enjoyed our one night stay! Loved all the amenities! Looking forward to an extended stay at the end of the summer! Having fun introducing our married children to Lazy Cloud with a gift certificate for their anniversaries! Kim and her staff are amazing!!!
Date of Posting: 30 March 2019
Posted By: Ralph and Marsha
Senior couple, Springfield, IL
Just returned from our third visit this year and can say it was amazing as usual! Great place to relax and recharge from the crazy day to day. The cozy rooms, amenities and awesome service from the owners and their team make this a truly wonderful place! Steve and Kelly – Ilinois
Date of Posting: 10 March 2019
Posted By: Kelly McGillivray
This was our second stay at the Lazy Cloud and just like the first time it was incredible....the service is always top notch and the hospitality is the reason people call this place "home"....we get a different room each time and each room never disappoints...See you next year!!!
Date of Posting: 10 October 2018
Posted By: Cory & Sue Mathis
Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, West Dundee, IL
This is a very beautiful place. This is our second stay here We have already planned our 3rd stay right away to. We call this place home when we are here. The new owners are doing a great job and the rooms never looked so pretty.
Date of Posting: 26 April 2018
Posted By: Paige & Mark
Married for 11 years, Glendale Heights

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